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Currently watching Eclipse...again. LOL. First one with my college friends, this time with my parents.
Anyway, the movie is just great. It's not one of those movies that you forget after watching it. It's not New Moon. LOL.
"Make as many mistakes as you want."

..A Mobile Blog! :)

Trying out mobile blogging.

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Hope this works. ;P

..kickassblog // Alden Policar :)

Yei! It does work! Expect a lot more blogging! :))
No one sees this, though. ;P

Who are you? God?!

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          I mean, dude, what happened to you? Telling a girl to get herself a reality check? Have you gotten yours? I know she has done mistakes, but do you really need to rub it in her face? Why not tell her in a nice way? Not fun, is it? I mean, that's just how you roll, right? Rude.
          You told her that she'll always be laughed at by her lack of understanding on a lot of things. Doesn't that hurt you? You, yourself, don't know the word understanding...Do I really need to explain this?
          Telling her that you helped her fix her grammar and attitude? Okay, grammar - that I can understand. But attitude? You gotta be kidding me. How can an act so rude help a person to be better? You could have told her how rude her statement was for some friend of yours in a nicer way. I think that could have helped her. Oh sorry. I forgot. That's not fun, isn't it?
          And lastly, big air head? Seriously? Not because you study in a prestigious university, and you're great with grammars, doesn't mean you're intelligent. Why? Because as far as I know, intelligent people can identify what's right and what's wrong. You don't.
          You seriously justify the quote, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are."

More pictures for me! Yei! LOL. :)

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          And lastly, these 3. :)

          Great people, aren't they? I just love my friends. :) Anyway, the last picture before I end my blog was created by yours truly. But this pic was so old, I already forgot about it. Good thing my friend showed it to me and memories keep on rushing back again. :)

A late blog for my birthday! "May 4, 2010"

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          Wow. Just wow. I've never expected my birthday to be that special. I mean it was just too much. It was just May 3 when people started greeting me. I actually flooded my follower/friends' dashboards with greetings from people all over the Philippines. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinychat, SMS, Call, and in person. And when the clock striked 12, they showed me a YouTube video of them greeting me. It's just super overwhelming. Look! :'')

          Also, some created word arts/typographies for me. It was very touching. Here they are. :)

          I'm very honored to have people like these around me. I'm very thankful to God for He has given me the most perfect circle of friends that He can ever give me. I love you all so much. :)

Wow. I ignored a meet up. Nice.

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          Yes, there was a Tumblr meet up yesterday, and yes, I decided not to join. Though I could, I wasn't just in the mood to see them again. There were wars, bashing, bullying, and ranting last week until now, and I'm just not comfortable seeing them being friends and all again. It's just too fake. I've heard stories about both sides, and I've also heard things about some people being too plastic. If you don't like the person, you don't need to be friends with him/her. Just stay away. No need to stab him/her on the back when he/she isn't looking.
           Anyway, what I did while I was staying away from blogging, I went to the dentist and went shopping at Robinsons. Yes, it was cheap, so I got to buy many things. Bleh. But from all the things I bought, I totally love my new wallet. :)
          It's from bench, and I just love it. No space for coins, though, but it was worth it. I actually used it earlier this morning when I was at school. I showed it to everyone. Hahaha. Lol.
          Anyway, it's Sunday today, and I still went to school because of NSTP. The class started 8AM and I wasn't late. It ended 11AM and me and my bestfriend decided to go to Glorietta to burn time. So, we rode the LRT then MRT to go to Ayala Station. After eating, we went on the rooftop and I went smoking for a bit while we talked. We talked about random stuffs and we also talked about politics. Weird, isn't it? Lol. After that, we decided to go home. And when I got to the bus terminal, I fell asleep instantly. The conductor of the bus was waking me up for the payment. I was so embarrassed. Hahaha. I immediately gave him P25, then I fell asleep again. When I woke up, the bus was already on my stop. I ran out of the bus as fast as I can. Not kidding. I ran. Seriously. Lol. When I got home, I rested for awhile, and after that, I took a shower to remove all the dirt from my body. That's where my blog ends. :)

This is the nth time that I'll be creating a blogsite. -___-

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          Before I start this blog, I just want to say that all the entries below were taken from my Tumblr account. I just posted them today. But because I entered the date they were posted on my Tumblr account, they were posted below this blog. So, just to clear it out, the blogging here just started.

          Yes. The title says it all. I've created too many blogsites before, and I don't continue using it because I get bored after a week or two. Two reasons why.
          First, I feel unappreciated because no ones commenting on my blogs. I know it's natural here on Blogger that you won't be noticed for a bit long, but I really don't have much patience to wait that long. LOL. But when I created a Tumblr account, I got all the attention I need. Though, if you look at it now, it's turning to a site where people post one liner texts, nonsense pictures, word-art, etc. People post pictures, quotes, texts, and videos that they know will be reblogged even though it's nonsense, or unreal, because with these techniques, they can gain followers.
          You know what, why not post something true? It's not about followers. It's about the content of your posts. Tumblr is not a popularity contest. It's a blog site. So, blog! LOL.
          Anyway, second, it's not that user friendly. Blogger is a bit complicated. Unlike Tumblr, we see posts on the dashboard and we can easily comment on it. We can even add something by reblogging, and if we appreciate it, we can click the like button. Also, we can reply on the user who created the post by clicking reply. There's just too many features in Tumblr that can make blogging so much easier. But now that it's becoming famous, many people are abusing the power of it. For example, they bash and bully one another. Some people even use anonymity to create war. It's just very depressing.
          You see, there are many things you can do in Tumblr. It may be advantages, but also be disadvantages. It's up to you if you'll see it as a negative thing, or a positive thing. And as for me, I see it as a negative thing. So, I created a Blogger account again to blog everything that I want to say and won't be judged by people with small brains. LOL.
          Anyway, I've created many blogs on Tumblr that were very interesting. So, I'll be posting it here as well, because I'd be delighted to see it in a site where I won't have to see comments bashing my posts, people creating a post that disagrees, etc. Blogger is just so peaceful. I really really really hope it stays that way. :)