An hour with Chriselle Allein Ramos Artoz, Chen for short.

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010 by alden policar in Labels: , , , , , ,

          It was 1:30PM when our PE subject started. And it was 2PM when it ended. Funny huh? 3O minutes! Can you believe that?? Good thing, Chen texted me to go to Makati. She wants to see a movie, and she asked me if I want to join. The plan was she's with her brother, Robi, and Lara. But the 2 tumblrkada backed out. LOL.
          Anyway, she txted me if I'll still join. And I said that I was already in Glorietta. Hahaha. And as usual, she wasn't there yet. So, as usual, I waited. LOL. When we were already in the ticket booth, it was quarter to 4, and the movie started already. Next showing starts at 5, so, Chen's brother played in Timezone first, while Chen and I talked about updates in life to burn time. Btw, I decided not to join them watch the movie. One, budget's not enough. Two, I should go home early.
          When the clock striked 5, Gelai showed up and she joined us. But I told her, I have to go, so, she told me where I can ride a van to go home. I hugged them goodbye, and that's where my blog ends. :)

PS : Chen's brother is one cool guy. :)