This is the nth time that I'll be creating a blogsite. -___-

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010 by alden policar in Labels: , , ,

          Before I start this blog, I just want to say that all the entries below were taken from my Tumblr account. I just posted them today. But because I entered the date they were posted on my Tumblr account, they were posted below this blog. So, just to clear it out, the blogging here just started.

          Yes. The title says it all. I've created too many blogsites before, and I don't continue using it because I get bored after a week or two. Two reasons why.
          First, I feel unappreciated because no ones commenting on my blogs. I know it's natural here on Blogger that you won't be noticed for a bit long, but I really don't have much patience to wait that long. LOL. But when I created a Tumblr account, I got all the attention I need. Though, if you look at it now, it's turning to a site where people post one liner texts, nonsense pictures, word-art, etc. People post pictures, quotes, texts, and videos that they know will be reblogged even though it's nonsense, or unreal, because with these techniques, they can gain followers.
          You know what, why not post something true? It's not about followers. It's about the content of your posts. Tumblr is not a popularity contest. It's a blog site. So, blog! LOL.
          Anyway, second, it's not that user friendly. Blogger is a bit complicated. Unlike Tumblr, we see posts on the dashboard and we can easily comment on it. We can even add something by reblogging, and if we appreciate it, we can click the like button. Also, we can reply on the user who created the post by clicking reply. There's just too many features in Tumblr that can make blogging so much easier. But now that it's becoming famous, many people are abusing the power of it. For example, they bash and bully one another. Some people even use anonymity to create war. It's just very depressing.
          You see, there are many things you can do in Tumblr. It may be advantages, but also be disadvantages. It's up to you if you'll see it as a negative thing, or a positive thing. And as for me, I see it as a negative thing. So, I created a Blogger account again to blog everything that I want to say and won't be judged by people with small brains. LOL.
          Anyway, I've created many blogs on Tumblr that were very interesting. So, I'll be posting it here as well, because I'd be delighted to see it in a site where I won't have to see comments bashing my posts, people creating a post that disagrees, etc. Blogger is just so peaceful. I really really really hope it stays that way. :)