Tips on how to get friends on the internet.

Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010 by alden policar in Labels: , , , ,

          Ugh. People, I know there’s nothing wrong in making friends. But with this style, you ain’t gonna make any.
          Now, let me teach you the proper way to make friends on the internet. This is just an opinion, okay? I'm not sure if it's accurate.
          First, talk to him/her like he’s/she’s your friend. But not in a super friend way. Just like a normal person talking to another normal person in a normal way.
          Second, enjoy each other’s company even just on the web. Don’t take it too fast. You might scare him/her, and you’ll just end up alone…again.
          And lastly, if you think you got his/her trust, respect, and friendship, try opening the “Mobile Number” stage. Maybe he/she trusts you enough to give you his/her contact. If he/she replies, then go. You just got a friend. But if not, stop forcing yourself to be friends with him/her. You’ll just look pathetic.
          You can have as many friends as you like in real life. You are not required to have one on the internet. If you meet some, then great. If not, stop being that desperate.

PS : This is just a blog. Not a message about someone I know personally.
PS again : This is not at all based on my experiences. I did not say that people ask for my number nor did I say that I ask for numbers as well. LOL.