Tricia Santos of PBB Teen Clash Edition

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2010 by alden policar in Labels: , , , , ,


Save her by sending: BB(space)TRICIA to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun subscribers and 231 for Smart and TNT Subscribers.

          Vote her. She’s gorgeous, beautiful, and most of all, she’s a BITCH. I just love bitches. LOL. So, vote her. Thanks! :)
          Anyway, I just don’t know why people hate her so much. Yeah, she’s craving for attention. And yep, she’s a flirt. But isn’t that too normal nowadays? She says that she needs to stay away from Ivan, yet, she’s still flirting him. Then who cares? Ivan is too gorgeous to resist. LOL.
          She irritates Team Villa and I just love her for that. The Villa people always say bad things about the apartment people whenever they loses, especially to Tricia. But the apartment people, they don’t judge the other team by just looking at them. They don’t say bad things about others, and they don’t bash them on national TV. Such true class act. Unlike the Villa people, especially that guy, Joe, who doesn’t know how to shut up and let girls handle their issues, don’t know how to act appropriately on TV. Actually, I don’t like Joe, and his friend, Eslove. But if imma decide which one deserves to be nominated, I’d say it’s Joe. That guy, Eslove, never said something bad about the other group. His jokes and moves were just irritating. But when it comes to personality, he has a potential to be a big winner.
          And also, that lady, Shey, I mean, what is her problem? Is she THAT insecure? What is wrong with a “hug then leave immediately”? What? She expects Tricia to give a speech before she leaves? I mean, what the fudge does Tricia needs to do to be accepted by the other team? I’m just glad that guy, Yong, accepts her for what she is. That guy really needs to leave before someone converts him. Anyway, I think you guys already know what I’m trying to say. The thing that makes me love Tricia, is that she hates Villa. We’re like riding on the same boat. LOL. :)
          Well, I know we cannot please everybody. But as much as possible, we need to accept or understand each and everyone. If we really can’t, then let’s all just shut up, and let that person deal with his/her own personal issues. We are not obliged to enter the picture, and pretend to be some angel or devil that will show them who they truly are. Everything in life needs time, and that’s what they need. :)